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BALM short profile

The BALM sets standards in mobility and transport policy. As an independent higher Federal authority in the business area of the BMDV, we perform a large number of tasks in the field of road freight transport and passenger transport.

The BALM currently has around 2,000 employees and is under the area of responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). The Federal authority performs a wide range of tasks:

Control and enforcement tasks: With its controls, the BALM makes a decisive contribution to increasing road safety and environmental protection as well as to securing the market order in road freight transport. The toll control service monitors the proper payment of the HGV toll on motorways and federal roads. The road inspection service carries out checks on federal motorways as well as on federal and rural roads. Furthermore, the prosecution and punishment of legal violations are a central component of the FOPH, in that the Federal Office conducts administrative offence proceedings in accordance with the GüKG and the BFStrMG.

The BALM carries out company inspections to monitor the provisions of the Road Haulage Act and the Toll Act. The operational inspection service is divided into the areas of the Road Freight Transport Act (GüKG) and tolls. In addition, as a granting authority, the BALM carries out company inspections in the area of granting procedures.

The Market Access work area consists of road freight transport and international passenger transport. In road haulage, national and international regulations for access to the road haulage market (commercial road haulage and own-account transport) are developed. The BALM issues authorisations for national and international road transport. This includes bilateral permits and CEMT permits, concession fees as well as Community licences.

Market observation; the statistics and reports compiled by the BALM create the basis for transport policy decisions and legislative proposals in the field of road freight transport and passenger transport

Legal development and legislation: The BALM is involved in the development of legislation for road freight and road passenger transport. We also inform you about important legal provisions relating to freight transport.

Crisis management and civil emergency preparedness according to the Traffic Services Act (VerkLG) and the Traffic Safety Act (VerkSiG).

With the Federal Mobility Forum, we promote the sustainable design of safe and environmentally appropriate mobility, among other things in the implementation of the Climate Protection Programme 2030. The Federal Mobility Forum serves to actively promote cycling and other forms of active, sustainable, inter- and multimodal mobility. With networking events, the Federal Mobility Forum promotes active exchange among the actors in cycling. A knowledge pool is being built up in which project examples from theory and practice, reports, statistics, studies, regulations and legal frameworks are made available thematically. The Federal Mobility Forum is aimed at experts and specialists from the fields of politics, administration, research, universities, science, companies, associations, but also citizens, action alliances and the interested public in cycling.

Cycling: As the central project management agency for the promotion of cycling on behalf of the BMDV, the BALM is the first point of contact for many questions regarding the financing and promotion of cycling. In this way, the BAG makes a significant contribution to the sustainable design of safe and environmentally appropriate mobility and to the achievement of climate protection goals in mobility. Furthermore, the BALM has set up the office for the German Cycle Network, which implements the federal funding programme "Expansion and extension of the German Cycle Network" and coordinates the further steps at national level. The aim is to further develop the German cycle network into a transnational, safe, seamless and attractive network of nationally important long-distance cycle routes.

BALM is approval authority for the following funding programs:

  • For equipping motor vehicles with turning assistance systems (AAS),
  • Freight transport (de minimis, training, further education as well as energy-efficient and/or low-CO2 heavy commercial vehicles),
  • Cycle transport
  • Public transport model projects
  • To compensate for the loss of income in the coach industry (according to the Directive Compensation for loss of income for the coach industry),
  • To compensate for holding costs for airports (according to the guideline Compensating for holding costs for airports).
  • Truck parking spaces (SteP)

In addition, with the Road Traffic Academy, which is currently being set up, we are promoting the sustainable design of safe and environmentally friendly mobility, among other things in the implementation of the climate protection program 2030.

Responsible authority of the service centre (DLZ) travel office.

The authority is divided into a central office (Cologne) and eleven branch offices, three of which are key branches. The head office consists of six departments with 24 units, a staff unit and the service centre.

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