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Bicycle Traffic

The bicycle is very much in vogue. It is one of the most important and most sustainable means of transportation. As the central lead partner for the promotion of cycling on behalf of the BMVD, the BAG is the first point of contact for a lot of questions referring to the funding and the promotion of bicycle traffic.
Thus, the BAG makes an essential contribution to the sustainable shaping of a safe, environmentally suitable mobility and to the accomplishment of the climate protection goals in the area of mobility.

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Federal mobility forum

The staff of the Federal mobility forum support the promotion of cycling and of similar activities that provide for a sustainable intermodal and multimodal mobility. Based upon a comprehensive knowledge basis, the staff of the Federal mobility forum proactively shape the transfer of knowledge. They accomplish tasks as service providers and guides to promotion opportunities, impart knowledge and news from the area of cycling promotion and bring actors together. The Federal mobility forum is an institution of the BAG.

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Non-investment measures

The BAG is the lead partner for the promotion of non-investment measures aiming at the implementation of the NRVP 3.0, measures that contribute to the improvement of the cycling conditions in Germany and/or safeguard environmentally safe mobility by providing ideas and concepts. The measures promoted include - for example - information and communication campaigns, competitions, technical innovations as well as research and development projects.
The contents of the measures are manifold, they range from the “Bock auf Biken” (Fancy Biking) campaign started in June 2021 through the development of recommendations for communities, regarding the construction of bicycle roads, to research activities in the field of traffic safety. An overview of the promoted projects is provided for download.

Nichtinvestive Maßnahmen

Investment measures

The guideline on the promotion of innovative projects for the improvement of cycling in Germany in its applicable version provides supports the planning of innovative and trendsetting construction and civil engineering measures and the implementation of those measures. That also includes such issues as bicycle bridges and/or intersection configurations that are appropriate for cycling.
The trendsetting investment projects are meant to be role models as “beacons of cycling” and thus to increase the attractiveness of cycling in Germany. One example is the construction of a twin-tower bike parking structure with 180 modern bicycle parking lots in Osnabrück, which is supported with an investment of about two million Euros.

Investive Maßnahmen

Special programme “Stadt und Land” (City and Country)

Under the special programme “Stadt und Land” (S&L), which is a part of the climate protection programme 2030 of the German government, Land and community investments in the advancement of cycling on site are supported for the first time.
The programme aims at increasing the attractiveness of cycling by increasing traffic safety and by improving the traffic conditions on urban streets and rural roads. This is done by measures such as the provision of nation-wide cycling networks that are separated from the other traffic and are thus safe, measures such as the advancement of the cycling infrastructure, in particular for cargo bicycles, or by means of safe and modern parking facilities.

Stadt und Land

Radnetz Deutschland (Cycling Network Germany)

The “Radnetz Deutschland” (Cycling Network Germany) is a network of cycling routes of national importance, running throughout Germany. It includes the D routes 1 to 12 (D = Deutschland, Germany), the “Deutsche Einheit” (German Union) cycling trail, and the Iron Curtain Trail. In the BAG, you find a Radnetz Deutschland agency, the staff of which implement the “Ausbau und Erweiterung des Radnetzes Deutschland“ (improvement and extension of the Radnetz Deutschland) programme of the German government and coordinate any further steps at the national level.

Radnetz Deutschland

Turning Assistant

The “Turning Assistant” promotion programme provides financial support for equipping motor vehicles with turning assistant systems. This helps to prevent severe accidents with pedestrians and cyclists.


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