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Road toll fine procedure

Toll violations

The toll must be paid in the correct amount at the latest at the start of the toll usage.
If this is not done, the unpaid toll will be collected and the toll violation will be punished as an administrative offence.

The amount of the toll to be paid is based on the distance covered by the toll, the weight class, the emission class and the number of axles of the vehicle or vehicle combination.

BALM controllers and automatic control devices (control bridges and control pillars) check the toll payment. If it is determined that the toll has not been paid, has not been paid on time or has been paid incorrectly, two independent procedures are carried out at the same time:

A procedure for the subsequent payment of the toll (so-called post collection of the toll)

Another procedure for punishing a violation of the Federal Highway Toll Act (administrative offence procedure).

1. Administrative procedure for the subsequent collection of the toll owed

The BALM and Toll Collect GmbH are responsible for claiming the toll to be paid retrospectively. Different toll debtors are responsible for paying the toll. As a rule, the owner or the person who, for example, as the renter, has determined the use of the truck is consulted first (§ 2 Federal Highway Toll Act (BFStrMG)). To determine the subsequent toll, it is possible to provide information on the facts (e.g. the route actually driven).

The subsequent collection takes place by means of a subsequent collection notice (§ 8 Federal Highway Toll Act (BFStrMG)).
Limitation periods:

The toll must still be paid four years later if a toll road is used and no toll has been paid (§ 8 para. 1, § 4 para. 2 Federal Highway Toll Act (BFStrMG) in conjunction with § 13 para. 3 Federal Highway Toll Act (BFStrMG).
Your rights:

You can object to a decision if you do not agree to the subsequent collection; the competent objection authority is the Federal Logistics and Mobility Office.

2. Administrative offence proceedings to punish violations of the Federal Highway Toll Act (BFStrMG)

Failure to pay the toll or incorrect payment is an administrative offence according to § 10 of the Federal Highway Toll Act (BFStrMG). This is punished by setting a fine or a warning fee by the Federal Office for Goods Transport. The amount of the fine depends on the specific toll violation. Details on the amount of the fine can be found in the catalogue of fines for toll-specific offences.

No entry is made in the register of suitability to drive in Flensburg, better known as the “traffic offenders file”.

Limitation periods:

The administrative offence can still be punished three years after the date of the offence, see § 31 para. 2 No. 1 of the Administrative Offences Act (OWiG) in conjunction with § 10 para. 2 Federal Highway Toll Act (BFStrMG).

Your rights:

You can object to a fine if you do not agree to the punishment of an administrative offence. You can find more information on the objection procedure in the information on legal remedies at the end of the administrative fine.

You can find more information about truck tolls under the questions and answers about truck tolls.

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