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Toll System Operator

The Federal Logistics and Mobility Office performs the sovereign tasks in enforcing the truck toll.

Toll Collect GmbH has been entrusted with setting up and operating the toll collection system in Germany (hereinafter referred to as: Toll Collect).

Mautsystem Betreiber

In addition, the toll collection system in Germany is supplemented by the European electronic toll service (EETS). The EETS enables its users to access the toll European road network with just one contract and only one on-board unit from an EETS provider.

What is the purpose of the truck toll?

According to the EU legal requirements, the collection of the truck toll.

  • should implement a more causer-based charging of the road costs,
  • to make truck traffic more involved in financing the infrastructure.

This is the system change from the sole financing through taxes to user financing through a distance-dependent truck fee (“toll”). The actual use determines the scope of the usage fee.

The toll is compulsory for vehicles or combinations of vehicles

  • which are intended or used for road freight transport and
  • whose gross vehicle weight, including trailer, is at least 7.5 t.

You can find detailed information on the toll route network under the toll table.

The amount of the toll depends on

  • the distance covered on the toll route network,
  • the axle and weight class of the vehicle or vehicle combination as well as
  • the emission class of the vehicle.

The toll must be paid before the start of the journey. The collection is possible without interrupting the journey, toll stations are not required.

The user can

  • select the automatic system using an on-board device installed in the vehicle, or
  • book manually before starting the journey
    - online via the internet or
    - via the booking App.

There is no obligation to use the automatic log-in system.
Toll Collect, an EETS provider or a sales partner provide the on-board (OBU) after user registration.

The driver is obliged to check the operational readiness of the OBU and the data entered (number of axles, permissible total weight) before each journey and, if necessary, adjust it. The respective system automatically recognises every use of the toll route network via satellite navigation. The OBU sends the vehicle-specific characteristics to Toll Collect or the EETS provider. Toll Collect, the EETS provider or a sales partner settle the fees and offer different payment methods.

Manual bookings online or via the logon App are possible without prior registration. With manual booking, users enter all the necessary data such as the start of the journey, starting point, via and destination before starting their journey. Likewise, all relevant vehicle data such as licence plate number, number of axles, emission class and permissible total weight (weight class).

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