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Toll Table

All tariff distances of the Federal motorways and Federal trunk roads that are subject to tolls are compiled in a table. This is known as the toll table.

The tariff distances are the basis for billing the route-related user charges.


The toll obligation applies to trucks and vehicle combinations with a maximum permissible weight of 7.5 t or more on Federal motorways, including petrol stations, service areas and Federal trunk roads. It begins with the entrance onto the Federal trunk road.

The following routes are exempt from the toll obligation according to Section 1 paragraph 3 German Federal Trunk Road Act:

  1. the A 6 Federal motorway from the German-French border to the Saarbrücken-Fechingen junction in both directions,
  2. the A 5 Federal motorway from the German-Swiss border to the Müllheim/Neuenburg junction in both directions,
  3. Sections of Federal trunk roads, for the use of which a toll is levied in accordance with Section 2 of the Private Financing Act of 30 August 1994 (Federal Law Gazette I, page 2243) in the currently applicable version.

The toll road network is divided into nodes and routes.

A node can be:

  • the junction of a Federal motorway including Federal motorway intersection and Federal motorway triangle
  • a rest area with a legally permissible turning option
  • an intersection, junction or access to a toll road or exit from a Federal trunk road, with the exception of access roads within the meaning of Section 8a of the German Federal Trunk Road Act
  • the Federal border

Route/distance calculation:

  • The relevant reference point for length calculation is usually at the intersection of the toll route with the subordinate road.
  • This also applies correspondingly to motorway triangles and intersections.
  • Two successive junctions limit a tariff route.
  • The length of the route is defined as the tariff distance. It corresponds to the measured length accurate to 100 metres and is rounded commercially.
  • The tariff distances, the names and coordinates of the nodes are listed in the toll table.

The tariff distances specified in the table are the basis for billing the route-related user charges. If a toll section is not completely driven, this must nevertheless be taken as the basis for the toll collection with its calculated route length.

The Federal Logistics and Mobility Office publishes the currently valid toll table. A permanent update follows based on the changes to the toll route network. The toll tables for past periods are also available in the downloads below.

Notes on the downloads:
All files are automatically generated from the original. They are copies of the original that are kept safe from forgery. In the event of discrepancies, the original and not the published copy shall apply.

Current Toll Table

Toll Tables 2023

Toll Tables 2022

Toll Tables 2021

Toll Tables 2020

Toll Tables 2019

Toll Tables 2. half year 2018 (all federal trunk roads)

Toll Tables 1. half year 2018

Toll Tables 2017

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